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BAC (Big Advertising Cup)

BAC (Big Advertising Cup)

Art Direction, Design, Prop Styling


Michelle Aure, Rolex Vidal, Jess Kirkman, Brittany Binnig, Bella Garcia, Jordan Elle, Taco Bell Design

Marketing Objectives // Creative Considerations

  • Refresh Taco Bell's approach to Evergreen POP creative reflecting our go-forward marketing strategy and leveraging our distinctive brand design principles

  • Infuse Taco Bell's distinctive brand assets leaning into Brand Codes

  • The role of functional/sustaining signage in the holistic restaurant experience

  • Ability to dial creative up / down according to message priority


Creative Context

Set in the early morning. Breakfast is served outdoors. Warm lighting and high contrast photography highlight the product attributes and textures clearly, displaying the cravable features of an abundant breakfast spread.

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